Foster Road Ranch

Cedar Creek Lake’s destination for top quality riding lessons, events and horse boarding

Foster Road Ranch serves the active horseman. Our growing facility gives boarders plenty of enjoyable riding options. Our programs are designed to help beginner to advanced horsemen reach their goals whether they be riding for fun, creating a skillset that serves them in a career, learning to train horses, horse ownership or even showing!  

Expert Horse Boarding

At Foster Road Ranch, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional horse boarding services. Our experienced staff ensures that your horse is well taken care of and works with you for to find the best boarding options for you and your horse.

Our ever evolving facilities include an 100×200 outdoor arena, indoor riding arena with stalls and party pad, a cow flag, a 60′ round pen and AQHA VRH trail/obstacle course for you to explore. You and your horse will have everything you need to thrive and enjoy your time at Foster Road Ranch.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Looking to improve your riding skills? Our experienced trainers offer personalized horseback riding lessons for riders of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking to compete, we have the perfect program for you.

With our well-trained and patient horses, you can feel confident and safe as you learn and develop your riding abilities. Start your equestrian journey at Foster Road Ranch today.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Care

At Foster Road Ranch, we prioritize the health and happiness of your horse. Our dedicated staff provides round-the-clock care, ensuring that your horse receives all the attention they need.

Beautiful Surroundings

Located on convenient SH 198 in Payne Springs, our ranch boasts breathtaking scenery and stunning landscapes. Enjoy our beautiful pastures and extended riding options.

Community and Support

Join our tight-knit community of horse enthusiasts. Foster Road Ranch provides a welcoming and supportive environment for all riders. Connect with fellow horse lovers, share your passion, and create lasting friendships.