Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors!!!

Our Horseman Philosophy

At Foster Road Ranch we build much more than riders, we build horsemen. Rooted in the philosophies of natural horsemanship, we believe horsemanship is a lifetime pursuit that goes far beyond what happens in the saddle. Quality horsemanship develops ‘feel’ that starts from the time you grab a halter to catch your horse to the time you leave them back in the pasture. Every moment in-between you are bettering or worsening you and your horse.

Why was the Foster Road Horseman Scholarship Created?

When Foster Road moved our program from Plano to our own property here in Mabank, we knew God had BIG plans for this place. We feel He has a huge heart for our little area of East Texas and it’s aspiring horsemen, as do we! Athens, Texas was once the ‘Cutting Capitol of the World’ but as trainers and opportunities migrated North and West, riders in the area lost the local foundations of competitive horsemanship that once existed. We are on a mission to bring that back to East Texas and open the doors of the horse world to riders that might not have the chance otherwise.

What is the Foster Road Horseman Scholarship?

The Horseman Scholarship is a working scholarship where the selected applicants are awarded one year of weekly lessons while also working alongside the trainers at Foster Road Ranch. They commit four hours each month to working at the barn and learning all the ins and outs of barn and horse management. They also work two Summer Camps assisting instructors and students.

Scholarship Horsemen learn many aspects of horse care, first aid, nutrition, handling and more. They learn grounds and barn development, management and maintenance. They will also learn how programs and events are developed and carried out.

Our horsemen scholarship winners get unique opportunities to meet some of our sponsors and see behind the scenes in the breeding and showing world!

Who is eligible?

We believe this level of exposure with trained professionals on a quality property is a special opportunity. Scholarships are open to any level of experience, of any age and do not require that the person is currently a student at Foster Road just that they be local to the area. Applicants are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated dedication to horsemanship
  • Horsemanship goals both short and long term
  • Financial need

Want to sponsor?

We love our sponsors and what they mean to our horsemen and our program!! Choose a sponsorship package that works for you and feel good about supporting opportunities for local horsemen to experience Foster Road Ranch and pursue their goals in the horse world.

Want to apply?

We are excited to see what God has for our horsemen at Foster Road Ranch. Tell us more about you and your pursuits! Fill out an application for the upcoming year and begin the process.